One of the processes I use in my work with families is a formula that looks like this. A(S+K) + Goals = PBC > IR.

A stands for Attitude, times Skills plus Knowledge and GOALs equals Positive Behavior Change which will get us the Improved Results we desire.

One of the most important good habits you can develop is the habit of thinking positively. A positive mental attitude is an important leadership quality. Developing a positive mental attitude is internal and it is based upon changing or developing the internal attitudes that influence your behavior.

Your behavior is also linked to your attitudes. Your attitudes are the way you think, and generally, you’ve thought the same way for such a long time that you’ve developed a habit of thinking that way. It’s now your attitude.

Developing winning attitudes requires daily effort, it requires that each day you put some positive input into your mind. One way is through a regular reading program, which includes positive, growth-oriented, self-improvement books and articles. Daily listening to self-improvement tapes and a daily focus on goals, you do this and you will nourish positive attitudes.

An attitude is a way of thinking and of seeing yourself and the world around you. When faced with a situation, your attitude will prompt you to act or behave in a certain way.

Your attitudes are important to your success and well-being. They will cause you to behave in a certain way as you continue your journey through life. Some attitudes are assets and some are liabilities. Everyone has a little of both. The key to building success attitudes and habits is understanding and evaluating what your attitudes are, which are useful in terms of your goals, and which you may want to change or develop.

To change your attitudes, you must be willing to sit down and take an “inside-out” Look at yourself.


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