Making Waves


What will people who know you say about you when your time in this world ends?  Will they say you were a true and trusted friend?  Will they say you cared about other people putting their needs before yours?  Will they say you worked hard and you took care of your responsibilities?  I have recently heard that our lives should be like a rock that one throws in a pond: it makes waves on the pond as far out as the weight of the rock that was thrown.  The events in Ferguson, Missouri over the past few weeks after the police shooting of teen Michael Brown is worthy of this discussion because many protesters there are making waves.  One may argue that some of the waves have not been the kind that has helped the situation there.  In any event there has definitely been a ripple effect in the pond. 

What type of waves are you making?  Will your life look like a small or a huge rock thrown in a pond making waves far and wide?  How are you affecting your friends and neighbors?  How are you positively making an impact on the world around you?  Are you MAKING WAVES?