In the bible Isaiah 61:1-3 states “The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor.”  When I read scripture I try to find how I can apply it to my life or try to understand what it means in today’s world.  I just ended the season coaching my travel ball in Huntington Beach, CA where the National tournament was held, and when I read this passage I think about the kids, parents and all of the people I ran across, wonderful people and the two or three crazy folks.  This week was a combination of all of them.  First let me talk about the guy who has beef with me because he is smart enough to believe that I could cause a friend of his to lose his job that he had for 18 years and built his own resume, reputation and history .  I know, it sounds ridiculous to me too, but several seemingly intelligent people feel the same way.  The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord was on me.  Second the parents…oh boy the parents.  Overall the parents were good but there were a few who just couldn’t stop talking about whatever…the coaches aren’t “bunting” enough, they caused all of this by “leaving”, or they are not “mean” enough” most of this of course is behind our backs.  The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord was on me.  Finally and most importantly, the kids.  Like I told them yesterday as we parted for the last time, it has been an honor, privilege and blessing that I was able to coach them over the last three years and I proclaim the good news to all that because The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord was on me. I was anointed by him to proclaim the good news that the kids made me rich!