Over the next couple of weeks leading up to the new year I am going to spend some time in my Motivational Monday talks and in these Friday blogs on how to go into 2017 with a plan or process for making dreams and goals more than just a resolution that is forgotten by Valentine’s day.

This week on my Motivational Monday talk, I discussed the word “No” and how at the end of the day we must say “No”…, you fill in the dots.  To accomplish our goals for 2017 we must “Do” something different if we want different results, we must “Be” about those things that will help us “Be” the best versions of ourselves and we must say “No” to things, people and to our own behavior that holds us back.

When making plans for the next year and creating goals or resolution, it is important to know what you want.  By making a list of what you want, you can start identifying what you don’t want.  This becomes your “No” list.  When you are aware of what you don’t want and what you are saying “No” too, it’s more likely that you will avoid the things on that list.

Some of the things on the list that you may want to say “No” to include: No to self-doubt, No to negativity, No to second guessing, No to bad habits, No, to people that hold you down, No to unhealthy relationships, Not to poor planning, No to making excuses, No to pointing the finger and No to blaming others for the results of your behavior.

When you have a list like this one, invert and switch the list around so that then you are saying yes to what you want and see what it looks like if you said yes to these things in 2017

Yes, to self-confidence, yes to positivity, yes to assertive planning, yes to good habits, yes to only people that want to lift you up, yes to healthy relationships, yes to planning ahead, yes to personal insight and assertive communication, yes to personal responsibility and ownership of what happens to me.