Let Them Dream

This week I met a mom whose very talented daughter was taking a lesson at Universal Sports Academy, and in the conversation this mom said to me, “my daughter has dreams but I don’t want them to be too big because I don’t want her to get disappointed.” If you know me then you know I just about passed out.

Since when are our dreams “too big”?

Dreams, literally and figuratively, have been responsible for some major creative and scientific discoveries during human history.  Dreams have also helped athletes at all levels by inspiring them to believe in something greater than they see or know.

In my “The 100Percent Life” program and online course I talk a lot about dreams, which I then connect to goals and use as the roadmap for where a person wants to go in life.  Dreams are the currency of the future and we eventually become our dreams.

We cannot protect the people we love by putting a lid or limit on their dreams.  Dreams are like electricity, you can’t necessarily see it, dreams are invisible, but powerful. Dreaming give us hope, and by being hopeful we experience fulfillment and become the best version of ourselves.  This best version is what I call living “The 100 Percent Life.”


“When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, by pure love that needs expressing, then we truly live life.” 
~ Greg Anderson