Mindset & Peak Performance

Blog: 7/28/17

Our Presentation

A couple of days ago I had the privilege of sharing a stage with my good friend and colleague, Maureen Bradley of Your Souls Destiny.  Her ten-minute presentation on the law of attraction was outstanding and fit perfectly with my ten-minute talk on reaching peak performance using the power of Affirmations.

Our presentations and subsequent questions we were asked had me reflecting on a couple of situations that came up for me recently.  One of the situations involved a former player of mine who due to the parent’s behavior I did not take the kid back the following season.  This hurts me and the kid, but it was necessary.  Since then, however, we have been more than cordial, speaking to one another in passing and for me I will always root for the kid.  This week the dad approached me and asked if it would be okay to attend my tryout in a couple of weeks, and my answer was an empathic, “YES”. As we talked, we both agreed that time has moved on, we both are working on being better, better coach, better softball parent.  I take my hat off to this family for holding their head high, owning their actions and for always respecting the process.  This family will always have my support as they move through this softball road.

The law of attraction is about our thinking and our actions and how it attracts either the good or the bad in our lives.  I have another former parent and player who because of a similar situation, or because of something extremely petty will burn a bridge or walk around mad, angry or upset at me while not understanding they are attracting more of what they are putting out in the world, #SAD.

As for Affirmations, that thing that we know to be true even in times of doubt

When we affirm who we are conscious, then our subconscious mind will complement conscious decisions and desires, positive or negative actions will occur.

A large percentage of our actions are automatic and instinctive. They are controlled by the attitudes and beliefs imprinted on the subconscious mind. Conversely, all input to the subconscious mind must come from the conscious, which is that part of your thoughts which controls behavior.   

When I think about the Law of Attraction and Affirmations together, I think about how our success is tied to our action, our action to our attitude. Thus, the “automatic guidance system” within us, either operates as a successful mechanism or failure mechanism. It all depends on the goals we set for it.

Through the conscious use of affirmations, we become able to program our subconscious mind so that it operates as a success mechanism and causes positive behavior and change towards the achievement of our goals.

The use of affirmations is designed fundamentally to get the subconscious working with us, not against us-to get our goal-striving mechanism to work for the achievement of our goals.

The power of affirmations can best be recognized when we realize that the mind doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined. For example, suppose you “imagine” late at night that there is a prowler in the house. Are you any less frightened than if you “knew” there was a prowler in the house?  Certainly not. You are afraid because you imagine a fearful situation. The use of affirmations to build confidence applies to the same principle, but with a positive goal in mind.

A few weeks ago, one of my student athlete clients, a young tennis prodigy, used his affirmations list to help him successfully come back from a set deficit in his tennis match to win the set, he did this in back-to-back matches.  He said that when he was down in the match he would read his Affirmation list in between changeovers and suddenly, he began to dig himself out of his hole and with every shot he began to believe what he already knew about himself, the things that were on his affirmation list.  This helped his mindset and got him closer to reaching his Peak Performance.