Let's Do Our Part

Traditionally, New Year resolutions are focused solely on the individual; what this world needs are people who have the ability to connect their own dreams to a bigger purpose around them.  Understandably, we often only resolve to change things about ourselves because we are either dissatisfied about a specific trait, or we feel it is wrong.  So many of our resolutions are built on our feeling of being flawed that we are motivated to focus a change only within ourselves.  I challenge you to look outward- to the bigger picture. As you change things about yourself, also change the world around you.  The quote by Craig Ballantyne summarizes my point well: “You can’t change all that is wrong in this great big world, but you can have an impact, even if it is just a tiny, positive impact on a stranger that receives a smile from you on the street today. There’s so much we can do for others, and in the end, what we do for others ends up benefiting us tenfold.” So let’s do this. Let’s make our little worlds amazing today.


A better world

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