People are our business

Because “people” are the most important asset of every company the question that seems to have many business professionals scratching their heads is how does one train or develop leaders for today.  In a recent Forbes magazine article the writer talked about how leadership training is not the problem, and instead we need to develop leaders.  He goes on to say “The solution to the leadership training problem is to scrap it in favor of development.  Don’t train leaders, coach them, mentor them, disciple them, and develop them, but please don’t attempt to train them. Where training attempts to standardize by blending to a norm and acclimating to the status quo, development strives to call out the unique and differentiate by shattering the status quo.”

In order to shore up leadership challenges in today’s companies, businesses have to embrace a new way of leadership.  I am a fan and believer of the “Fail Safe Leadership” model, where leadership is no longer about possessing certain personal characteristics, but rather about the ability to set goals and achieve desired results.



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