A Paradigm Shift


I have worked for several organizations that have asked or expected me to help them change their culture.  In fact I was hired by one such organization and my unofficial title was The Change Agent.  Recently I started coaching a 12 and under girls’ softball team and even here some have asked me to change the culture from a “daddy ball” mentality to a “real” travel softball team.

When a person or an organization want to change the organizations culture there are four things that I recommend leaders do:

  1. Build a team of believers – this may require a change in personnel
  2. Challenge your people to work harder – set goals that force people to go for it
  3. Be more efficient and expect the same – have a define and workable plan
  4. Raise your game to another level – Put you big pants on


This is easier said than done especially if the leader is leading people they didn’t pick.  However if a leader or business owner is going to make this Paradigm Shift they have to be HONEST, TRUTHFUL, they also have to INSPIRE HOPE and UNDERSTANDING and above all they have to be DECISIVE! 

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