A Psychologically Wise Parent

Negative emotions accumulate and become an entity of its own.” ― Eckhart Tolle

Psychologist Larry Steinberg’s study on Adolescence.  In looking at 10,000 American teenagers he found that teens with warm, respectful, and demanding parents earned higher grades in school, were more self-reliant, suffered from less anxiety and depression and less likely to engage in delinquent behavior.  It matters what message the child receives more than what the messages the parents aim to deliver. Too many times parents miss the boat on this. I know this is hard for parents to get, but if a parent tells a kid they are doing something incorrect, when the parent has never tried the game, skill or event what message is the kid really hearing. Could it be, “all the money we spend on you to be good and you still suck at it, and I have never played it and yet I can do it better than you”. Parent, your kid is trying to run faster, throw a strike, get a base hit, even if it is just to make you happy. If they’re not, then they really need to see me. But if they are and you are having a hard time with their performance then you need to see me.

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