ADVanced Insights

I use the ADVance Insights Profiles to help my clients learn more about who they are by allowing people to take a deeper look into themselves and discover new insights about who they are.

What is ADVanced Insights?

ADVanced Insights combines the best of three world-class profiles: the Attribute Index measures how people think and make decisions; the Values Index measures motivational style and drivers, and the DISC Index measures a person’s preferred behavioral style. Together, they create the WHAT, WHY, and HOW of personal assessment. This tool unlocks the key to:

  • WHAT natural talents you possess based on how you think and make decisions.
  • WHY you are motivated to use them based on your motivators and drivers.
  • HOW you prefer to use them based on your preferred behavioral style.

You will discover what natural talents you have, why you are motivated to do what you do, and how your behavior drives you to use these talents.

Parents/Individuals will discover WHAT natural talents they have.

As a parenting expert I help my clients work through all the issues and challenges that affect parents and kids today.

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