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Athlete Metrics in CaliforniaOur assessment tool which includes a DISC report offers so much more.

The athlete assessment or Athmetrix that we offer helps coaches and players build a better understanding of the attitudes that make up who the player is which helps build a better program.

The Athmetrix process uses the latest in proven and validated psychometric assessments to accurately measure the “will do” factors, temperament and attitude. With questionnaires that take less than 20 minutes to complete, the Athmetrix report gives coaches invaluable information for recruiting and coaching.

What if you could…

  • Better understand and motivate the players on your team?
  • Sports Assesments CaliforniaGet your team to work better together?
  • Get all of your players to perform to their full potential?


What if, in your recruiting…

  • You knew ahead of time which prospects would be the best fit for your program?
  • You knew ahead of time which prospects would turn out to be discipline problems?
  • You knew ahead of time which prospects would get along well with teammates?


Read what coaches say about Athmetrix

“I took over a new program and used the Athmetrix reports to give me quick insights into the communication styles of the players and how they would respond to my coaching. I had to adapt my style to better relate to them in the beginning.”

“When we share the Athmetrix reports with our players, they are amazed and how accurate they are. It really facilitates members of the team getting to know and relate to each other better.”

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