Barbecue Becky (BB) 

“To be an anti-racist requires persistent self-awareness, constant self-criticism, and regular self-examination.” ~ Ibram X. Kendi 

Last week I had an experience that I’ve seen many times recently on camera, where a white woman uses the threat of the police to solve a small disagreement. This time it was at a 14U softball tryout. The brown and black (me) guy had arrived at the field first. BB and the other two coach’s show up shortly after us, letting us know they have a permit for the park we were on. We were fine as this happens from time to time. They showed us that the license was for 10a, but when we said okay, we would be off before 10, no problem. They wanted us off by 9 am, because that is the time they usually start. It was bizarre to hear them tell us that we were not supposed to be on the field while admitting they were not supposed to be on the until 10. Yet they wanted us off the grounds at 9 am because that’s what they usually do. Well, this made no sense to us either, so when we held our ground, BB let us know that the coaching staff consisted of an FBI agent and a retired police officer. When that didn’t impress us or make us agree to their privilege, she went to her one weapon that she knew could harm and brutalize our brown and black bodies.   

“The scary weapon we carry is the very skin we’re in”. ~Ta –Nehisi Coates 





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