Basic Instinct

When I think of our Basic Instinct, I think of Bishop T.D.Jakes’ recently published book about our Instincts – the way mother birds build nests, and build them high enough to elude predators – not the Sharon Stone thriller.  I have always believed that things happen for a reason that our plan along with what our creator has in store for us will be revealed to us if we listen to that voice, our instincts.

Being part of the animal kingdom we have within us the natural instinct to behave in certain ways that, if we allow it, will move us in the direction of our dreams.  On a very basic level, we share many of those basic modes of survival, and nurture, procreate, secure food and water, protect and defend.

As we get older and mature our instincts evolve but the problem is our intellect and life experiences start to dominate, and we end up out of tune with our instincts.  But when you really think about it, there are so many things you just know.  You don’t even know how you know, but you do.  This inner knowing is the instinct that I am referring to.  When it comes to our life, dreams, and goals we need to tap into our instinct more and into our intellect, knowledge, and what people tell us we should do a lot less.  Our instinct comes from our heart and when we work, live and dream from our heart success and happiness will follow.

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