Be About It!

September 28, 2018

Below is an email that I sent to my team this past Wednesday. 

For all of us who have a dream, some goals, we must get to it, we must be about it. We need to demand success from ourselves and believe great things are going to happen.  God can only respond to what we believe!

Happy HUMP day.

As we have said several times this fall, you are on the clock and starting next month you will be in front of a lot of coaches exposing them to your talent and why they should make your DREAMS and GOALS come true by making you an offer next September 1st.

We have spent time together and individually talking about what it takes to be a 1%’er.

Now is the time to step it up and get after it. Every single day you should be GRINDING to make your dream a reality.

100 swings a day, regularly taking ground balls and fly balls. Conditioning, building your Strength, getting faster, building your core. Pitchers should be throwing or at a minimum working on your spins at least 5 days a week.

You should also be working on your mindset. Imagining GREATNESS, seeing yourself at the school of your dreams, visualizing yourself being successful at the plate, on the field or in the circle.

Being the 1%’er does not happen by accident. It is intentional and specific hard work and GRIT.

GRIT is passion combined with perseverance. Now is the time to have a ferocious determination that is played out by knowing what you want and being resilient about it!!

If you want it go and get it, you are on the clock.

Look at this video.


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