Over the next couple of weeks leading up to the new year I am going to spend some time in my Motivational Monday talks and in these Friday blogs on how to go into 2017 with a plan or process for making dreams and goals more than just a resolution that is forgotten by Valentine’s day.

This week on my Motivational Monday talk, I discussed the word “Be” and how at the end of the day we must “Be”…, you fill the dots.  To accomplish our goals for 2017 we must “Be” about those things that will help us “Be” the best versions of ourselves.

First, let’s list some of the standard “Be” things that I am talking about.

Be- Kind to one another, Be – Loving to strangers, Be – Humble to those you come in contact, Be- Patient with those who drive you crazy, Be – Accepting of what you may not agree with, Be – Thankful for all that you have.  This is by no means a complete list, but you get the picture.  If we can “Be” these things we are on our way to living the life we imagine for ourselves and our love ones, and we are “Be” coming the best version of ourselves.

But what if we can “Be” even more?

What if we can “Be” for example the kind of sports parents who hold ourselves accountable and not the coach when our kids don’t start every game.  When we can “Be” accountable for our own behavior and “Be” insightful, we can advance our dreams and goals and experience happiness on a level that most people don’t even understand.  “Be” cause when we can’t “Be” it only holds us back and our kid.

What if we can “Be” the kind of parents of student athletes that when the going gets tough, we don’t panic and take our kids to the next team, and then to the next team, and so on and so on.

I will leave you with 5 steps to “Be” happy in 2017:

  1. Own your own happiness – look inward not outward.
  2. Change your story – Make yourself what you want, not who or where you come from.
  3. Enjoy the journey – Celebrate along the way.
  4. Make your relationships count – with God and others. Can’t be fruitful by yourself.
  5. Balance work with play.















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