Best Advisor


If we are what we think then we have to think differently. If you can think negatively then you can think positively! – La Shawn B. Wells          

I heard Darren Hardy this week talk about our best and most reliable mentor is our older self.  He recommended us taking our ten-year older self and give advice to our current self.  He went on to say he is convinced of things like our older self, saying “listen more”, “fear nothing”, “try more new things”, “smile more”, “control your environment”, “say I love you to all those you do”, “smile more” would all be effective mentoring tips to help us be our best versions.  But what if you don’t believe this approach works? What if you want the wand waved, what do you do?  If you are playing the “what if” game, you might as well play it to your benefit!

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