Build Self-Esteem

March 1, 2019

As he or she thinks within him or herself, so he or she is. ~ Proverbs 23:7
In a conversation, this week with a parent of a kid I give softball lessons too, the parent was lamenting on how her daughter’s passivity and self-doubt looks like the kid has low self-esteem. This had me thinking about a recent study I read that said high school girls suffer from low self-esteem at a rate of 30% higher than boys and that 75% of girls who suffer from low self-esteem engage in negative behavior like cutting, bullying, smoking, drinking and sexual behavior. After explaining to this mom how my coaching has helped hundreds of young people improve their self-esteem, the mom said without asking the cost, “I don’t know if I could afford it”, my response was you can’t afford “not” too!

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