Change is Good

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Change involves changing how we think, which changes how we feel and that ultimately changes what we do, which changes our outcomes.  Change is about getting different and hopefully better results.  Most of the time the results are obvious.  For example, if a coaching change is made at the professional or collegiate level, it is usually due to a lack of winning by that team or program.  In some cases the change is made because of issues with that coach or institution.  You would think that when the latter happens and a change is made at the coaching level people who have some skin (personal Interest) in the game would either, as best they could, check out why the change happened, or accept it until the new coach has time to show his or her stuff.

But because change sends people into something, they simply lose it.  One example is with the recent change with the 49ers. Jim Harbaugh was basically forced out and fans are not happy with the change, not because they are not fans of the replacement, although on paper it appears that the 49ers went backwards.  In another case where the change took place and the stakeholders seem to have lost their minds is with a sports program at a prominent California college.  Instead of people asking questions about what happened or thinking rationally, that a school would not part ways with a long time coach on the words of a few “angry people”, but rather because the change in coaches potentially affects their comfort zone. This leads to a complete lost in their ability to think rationally and intelligently.

Although the change will throw people into something, change is good, it is what moves the world forward, and it always has.  Every great movement in the world, like the civil rights movement of the late 1950’s and 60’s, or India’s release from the occupation of Britain in 1942 has come with uncomfortable change.  Every great invention like the automobile or computer has empowered the next generation, and some changes have been needed to regain a belief and trust in something that is bigger than the people it affected like Richard Nixon resigning as president of the United States in 1974.


Change is inevitable and needed for us to become the best version of ourselves!

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