Change Your Beliefs!

So, if you want to change your life, what you need to do first is change your beliefs. – Lou Tice

October 12, 2018

Yesterday I had the honor of doing a workshop for a group of wonderful, talented, charismatic, funny teens who through no fault of their own are in the foster care and juvenile system.  Some people I know would argue that if these teens became a victim of their environment and found themselves in a negative life situation, it would be their fault.  I can agree with this assessment to a point, everyone must make their own choices and can only blame their circumstances up to a point.

However, one of the things that these workshops always remind me is that when people have HOPE, and the opportunity to change their BELIEF, they feel everything is possible and can go on and to change their outcome.

I have said over and over, that when people believe in possibilities, when they are able to dream and then chase the person they imagine, they will change their behavior, and when a person changes their behavior, they change their feeling and when you change your feeling you change what you do which changes what you get.

I have never heard a sane, healthy person say, “I want to struggle and be poor in the richest country in the world”. However, I also believe people can only become what they believe, and that belief can only be bigger than what they know by imagining something they have never experienced.

It was a great workshop watching these students dive into the power of their imaginations to dream, and then how they took their dreams and turned them into goals.  Even though they heard about goal setting, I loved how they embraced my easy to use 9 step process.  They were able to understand and identifying there “why” for their goal which is key to achieving one’s goal. They understood how creating action steps gets the ball rolling to achieving their goal. Each student was also able to share different takeaways about how and why the Dream and Goal setting process will make a difference in their life!



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