Darren Hardy said this week on one of his blogs, talked about how our choices become the thing that ultimately guides us.  That an accumulation of choices become our path.  In fact, he goes on to say that instead of taking the path of least resistant, we need to take the path of most resistance.  As a person who lives life like he has an itchy sweater on, I understand exactly what he means by this comment.

So, here is my question.  How do you get better? What do you do to improve your knowledge, change your thinking or gain information?

We have the great pleasure to make choices about everything we do in life.  Who we are, what we have and where we go comes down to the choices we make. In working with some of my clients who have achieved great success it came down to them choosing to take the path filled with resistance. These clients knew that by having challenges they would be able to sharpen their skill and adjust get to the next level in whatever that thing they were working on.

Sometimes people choose to stay put, are complacent or take the road of least resistance and look up and find themselves not as far down the road as they wanted. Or people get paralysis by analysis because they want the big change and when they don’t see it they don’t move. We need remember that big changes are a result of a bunch of small ones that accumulate over time. 

Choosing to read a meaningful book, listening to a TED talk type of recording or reading a well written blog with the intent of making a one percent improvement is a great place to start. By making a one percent improvement or adjustment in our thoughts, behavior and practices leads to major improvements over time.

So one of the things I would recommend is making a list of the things you don’t want to do, then choose to do them!


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