Choose and Be Happy

June 16, 2017

I spent this past week in the “dirty south”, Atlanta, GA attending the Rotary International Convention and seeing family.

What I am always amazed about is how despite all our differences, people are more alike than they realize, and what makes people different is the choices people make, not the region they live in.

But what amazes me is the choices people make.  One of my core beliefs and something I challenge my clients on all the time is to identify what makes them happy and then going for it.  At the same time identify what makes you unhappy and stop doing it.

I understand that it may not be as easy as I am making it out to be, but if you knew that ice cream caused you great discomfort and severe stomach pain, would you eat it even if you thought it was the best thing you ever tasted?

I have been able to do a little work while on this trip and what jumps out at me from the stories I have listened too, the people that are unhappy are caught up in their own drama and is doing so because that is what they are choosing.

Choose to be different and then in the words of Yoda, DO!


“You can’t put limits on your goals, the more you dream, the farther you will get. You are more capable of what you can imagine.” ~ @SoftballCoach

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