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Blog: 7-21-17

What if coaches, parents and player applied the life principle that everyone from Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Darren Hardy and Tony Robbins have talked a lot about in their personal development seminars and workshops.  The person we will be in 5 years is determined now, by the people that we meet, the books we read and the sum of the 5 people we associate with the most.

What if this proven principle was applied to sports? Especially at the college and youth levels what would our experience be like?

Take Darren Hardy, he came from a broken home, only has one semester of college under his belt, yet he was mentored by Jim Rohm and an avid reader of books, an attendee of hundreds of workshop and seminars.  He’s arguably the most educated person around simply because of his zest for personal development.

So, what if coaches, parents and players applied this same principle to their sport how different would every one’s experience be?  Because I am in the world of elite, high level softball I think about this quite often.

1.       Everyone would be in the mindset of elevating the people they hang with the most, people who sit around and complain about everything from play time to “why did the coach tell her to go”, would not have a place at the softball table.  We call it dissociation.

2.       Our kids will make great choices about their lives because they will elevate each other, not necessarily by outward actions, but with a powerful subtleness where they are all motivating and encouraging each other.

3.       Coaches should be devoted to learning about how they can become Transformational Coaches, inspiring and empowering their players, nurturing and transforming them every step along the way.

4.       Parents and coaches will not sit and blame others for the things that happen to them or their friends.  They will take full ownership of their situation, while holding their teammates, friends and colleagues accountable.  We play because of us, we get fired because of us, the same way we win the starting job or get promoted, because of us.  Stop blaming others!        

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