2006The Raley’s wanted a full refund after their daughter decided she did not want to play “A” ball anymore.  Crazy Ass Parents.  Parents have a great opportunity to teach their kids the importance of keeping a commitment.  Once a kid decides to accept the offer of playing with a team that commitment should be honored for the remainder of that season unless there is some unhealthy behavior or if the kid is put in a dangerous situation.

One of the many life skills we hope to teach student athletes is commitment.  Commitment to themselves and to their teammates.  One of the things we always told our daughters was if they signed up for something then they had to see it through until the end.  That quitting because the going got tough was not something that we did as a family.  We wanted them to learn how to deal with situations that were not one hundred percent how we they may have hoped, but we would always try to work it out to a level that we could finish what we started.  I was taught the same thing as a young athlete and this mindset helped me endure less than perfect situation’s all throughout my life.  What I know for sure is that we will not like all of our teachers, classmates, coaches and bosses, but because of the situation and timing, we may have to hang in there, so what better way than to teach a young person this principle than youth sports.

In the situation I describe from the excerpt out of my book this particular player and family had played with me in the fall as this was our second season together.  Fall had been a blast, we had a great team, this player was a big part of our success and they knew it.  They were also aware that I had turned away several really good players at the spring tryouts because of their commitment and my team’s budget was based on the players that committed including this family.

Well, needless to say this situation did not end well. This family wanted a full refund, which I refused to give as they had breached their agreement while leaving the team high and dry.  They sat out most of the summer season, until towards then end when they were asked to play as a pickup player for teams planning to go to Nationals.  I would see them over the next several years and because I didn’t give them the refund they would not speak but only roll their eyes.  The kid stopped speaking to me and my daughter and sadly this player never lived up to her potential.  She jumped from team to team never seemed to finish what she started.


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