Complacency is the Beginning of the end



One of the things my mom taught us was to never be complacent, to get up every day and attack life with enthusiasm and joy.  So let me ask you, are you waking up with a plan to attack life or are you excepting the status quo? Are you chasing the person you want to be or are you settling for someone you will not like?

Many performance coaches can be heard saying complacency is the death of success. If you are not moving forward, then you are moving backward.  When people hold on to the status quo they are not stuck, in fact, I would say they are moving backward.  I hear people say they make good money, so they stay in their jobs, that their current relationship works because it is easier to stay then to truly be happy. I hear people that talk about their lifestyle being better than when they were kids, but not at the level it probably could be if they tried something new.

What successful people like the Oprah’s of the world know is that money, fame, and status doesn’t bring fulfillment and true happiness.  Instead, moving towards your full potential, not accepting the status quo, rocking the boat, stepping out of your comfort zone is what keeps the spirit alive.  Darren Hardy says complacency breeds depression, counters our instinct for evolutionary adventure and I say curiosity only kills the cat.

Attachment to the status quo exacts a price on our spirit, it kills our zeal for imagination our body and soul starts to shut down. If you don’t know how to get moving towards the life you were meant to live, get help. I will end with one of my own quotes that I have told many prospective clients in many different audiences

What we want in life and what we want to be in life should act as our compass.  Everything we do, every relationship we are in, every decision we make is either taking us closer to what we want or it is pushing us away from what we want.













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