Counter Culture

September 4, 2020

Counter Culture

I don’t know why I keep getting surprised. Maybe it is because I am hopeful that everyone will see through the BS and unite for what is right, fair, and just. I keep thinking that the Church will step up and lead the way, but I guess that will not happen. Not when secular schools are creating equity and social justice groups and our Christian groups that instruct and lead our Christian kids are silent.

I learned a long time ago that politics and religion do not mix, yet so many Christians dictate who they vote for or what they think about religious matters based on where sin falls on their rating scale.

What would the 1960’s looked like if we had a group of people loving their neighbors with all their hearts and souls?¬† What if they did not use all of their hearts and souls to beat someone because they sat at a counter to eat a meal or attend a better school?

We hear a lot about the term counter-culture as if it is new. Well, it isn’t. The Jim Crow advocates were using it to get support for their separate but equal tactics. Think about it, you countered or went against the culture if you were okay with blacks eating in your restaurants, trying to go to your schools, live in white neighborhoods, or marry their kind. COUNTER CULTURE.

What do people do when they point out you are going against the group in power? They scare you. They scare people into thinking that their way of life will change and that criminals will overtake your way of life. 2020 or 1960?


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