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Just this week I talked to two new pitching clients about their dreams and goals.  Both have talent and shared with me their desire to play college softball. But what I know for sure is that it takes more than talent to play college softball especially at the level and schools these two young, bright eye and somewhat precocious pre-teens want.

So, I asked them both the same question even though it was days apart.  “What are you going to do about it”?  What I know for sure, is that with over a hundred thousand kids playing softball with the hope of getting a scholarship to a big 5 conference school, many have natural talent, many are bigger, faster and stronger.  They both gave me a what do you mean look.  I went on to explain to them that it was great that they have this dream of getting a softball scholarship and that they want to play at a major university, but I went on to tell them that just saying it is a start.  They would need to do more than just say it, words without action are just that, words.

So, one looked at me with a quizzical expression as if to say, tell me more.  My experience with student athletes this age is that they will do more if shown what to do.  Which is exactly what the other student athlete, I had this conversation with did.  Her parents hired me to do some life coaching with her, to help her with her confidence and strengthen her self-esteem and self-worth.  I can tell you it is awesome to see what comes out of a young person when you start talking about dreams and goals.  She easily came up with 100 dreams that she wants, and she dove head first into creating an action plan for one of her short-term goals.

What I also know for sure is that the young lady that I am working with as a life coach, will have a skill set that most of the other kids she is competing with to get that scholarship want have.  I also know that to get what we want in life we can’t just say it, we must act and do something.

Lastly, I hear coaches and parents tell student athletes all the time to focus and to have mental toughness.  Well, focus and mental toughness comes from self-confidence, and people, not just athletes are more confident when they know where they are going in life, and creating a roadmap with dreams, goals and an action plan are that roadmap.

“It is a wise investment always, to do more than you get paid for, as an investment in your future.”

~ Jim Rohn

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