Over the next couple of weeks leading up to the new year I am going to spend some time in both, Motivational Monday talks and in these Friday blogs on how to go into 2017 with a plan or process for making dreams and goals more than just a resolution that is forgotten by Valentine’s day.

This week on my Motivational Monday talk, I discussed the word “Do” and how at the end of the day we must be proactive and assertive to accomplish the things we want in our lives.  So, to accomplish our goals for 2017 we must “DO” certain things that maybe we weren’t willing to do in 2016 or didn’t know how to do.  Either way to change our outcomes in 2017 will involve DO…ing.

If we DO the little things our chances or likelihood of being successful at the big thing is greater.  This applies to everyone and in all areas of our lives.  This approach works for the CEO of a major company, a local police captain, the husband who is wanting to be more intimate with his wife or the parent who want to improve his or her parenting skills.  It is especially true for the athlete, professional or student who want to improve areas of their game.  You can’t go from novice to all pro or all state without doing the little things first.

So here is my recommendation, write out your goal first.  Then think about the small steps you can take that leads up to you accomplishing the big goal.  Then take that first step in helping you accomplish your goal.

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