Everyone Gets A Trophy

“What is the point of competing for a trophy if everyone gets a trophy”?

~ Glenn Beck 


Everyone Gets A Trophy is a perfect name for this blog!

After a recent showcase tournament, I asked my girls softball players if they thought they were owed more opportunities to hit, play the field or pitch because they were on the team.  Most of them said they should’ve had more chances, not because they earned it, but because they wanted it.

This conversation was telling in a lot of ways.  Even though we stress competition, the best player plays philosophy I heard them basically say I should get a trophy just because I am on the team.

This concept of competition, the best player plays, sounds great to the kids and parents when it is a concept. But when that same kid is one for seven, zero for five or gave up the winning runs in the bottom of the last inning, they and their parents want to know why their kids are not playing.

I tried to explain to the players, who all say their goal is to play at the highest level that all you are owed is one, maybe two opportunities.  Everything after that is earned.  I told them for example if they are zero for five, why should they get the sixth try, and if they do get another chance, was because it was earned at that moment?

Parents and players are in an era where give it to me for participating have been the order of the day.  You couple this with a need for instant gratification and a little bit of “me, me, me” and you have the ultimate privileged athlete.  #NotOnMyTeam






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