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Recently I have been questioning why do sports parents who are willing to provide any and everything their kid need is willing to neglect the very thing that could get them over the top or at least an edge over the kid they are competing against for that last scholarship to their dream school?

Some of you may be thinking who would do that, or I would never deny my child what they need, especially if I have the resources and I know what it is that they need.  Good intentioned parents do it every day, year after year until their kid is no longer having fun, doesn’t want to play and lose out on that scholarship. 

I am not talking about the kid who makes an informed choice and moves on from their sport. I am talking about the kid who loves the game or sport, gets a lot of benefits from it, but because of transactional coaches, never been taught how to set and accomplish a goal or never learning what focus and visualization means and how to apply it.  If student athletes were taught how to do these things like how they are taught how to throw correctly or field a ground ball, the player would feel a sense of accomplishment plus they will have skills that will give them an advantage over their competition in life.  I call it being mentally tough! 

I shared with a head coach of an SEC softball program how our 14 and under team would be taught how to make and achieve goals, learn visualization techniques so they can be prepared with the ups and downs of big time athletics and team building tools, she said our girls will have a leg up on the girls they recruit and probably even over their upper-class teammates.  Which makes our kids more attractive to colleges who are recruiting them.

Parents and coaches, I believe if you are going to give your players an opportunity to compete for those big-time scholarships you must do more than just sign them up for another lesson.  If you want them best prepared for life and the everyday challenges that present themselves to today’s young folks, they need more than softball coaching, they need transformational coaching.  Even for the parent or coach who is chasing trophy’s or just want to win a championship, championship teams need more than good players.  Good players need an organized program, structure, team chemistry, discipline and taught how to be mentally tough.

Before you sign up for that next hitting, pitching, fielding lesson, ask yourself if your student athlete is prepared to win that scholarship and to compete at the highest levels.


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