“You coach with incentive and appreciation which makes players want to play for you. It’s motivating” – Parent         

As a coach I try to create an environment that is healthy yet challenging at the same time. Greatness requires high expectations.  Below is my creed for what is expected if you play on one of my teams:

Play like you love it.

Act as a champion on and off the field.

Be mature.

Respond to adversity in a positive manner… DON’T REACT.

Be on time…Being late means either it’s not important or you can’t be trusted.

Execute – Do what you are supposed to do, when you are supposed to do it…Not almost, ALL the way…Not most the time, ALL the time.

What Ever it takes!

Have your own personal mission statement.

Be accountable to yourself and your teammates.

Get after it. All the time.


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