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“Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity.  Why be realistic”? -Will Smith

We can be whatever we want to be in life.  We have to, though, be willing to be “unrealistic”.  Think about the great inventions of our time such as the automobile or the airplane.  The persons who invented them dreamt about things that others deemed impossible.  Many people never thought we would see a Black man as president of the United States of America.  Further, some people doubt women will succeed President Obama.  To paraphrase Will Smith, greatness is not some elusive, esoteric thing that only a few people will have or taste.  Instead, you only have to be ready to be unrealistic and uncommon. Consider these next steps: 1) Take an assessment to discover how you think 2) List all your dreams 3) Set a goal for every dream 4) Discover your gift 5) Distinguish your gift from your passion 6) Create an action plan that points you in the direction of your dreams.  Your dreams are yours so that makes them different than any one else’s.

Take action only if you want to be different, find a way to make it happen.  Otherwise, remain the same, stay common.

“There is a redemptive power in making a choice to be different”. -Will Smith

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