How Did We Get Here?

It is amazing that so many people who have the power to control their own destiny, because of the positions they hold, somehow still find a way to mess things up.  This mess-up can occur from the coach of a high level sports team or a supervisor in a large for-profit company.  Are their own insecurities the cause of treating their subordinates or team-members poorly?  The very people that they are responsible for leading they treat with disrespect, creating an atmosphere of fear and mistrust?  Is it their own naiveté or arrogance that won’t allow them to see the affect their treatment has on team’s production?

By now you may wonder if I am speaking from situations I have witnessed first-hand.  If so, you are correct.  Because I know both of these situations personally.  I can say that although one is in the sports world and the other is in the business world, they are distinct similarities.  Both have leaders that need more administration support and oversight and both leaders need personal coaching and leadership development.  Although both of these folks can say they are seasoned because of the years they have under their belts, I say that it is not the years in the job that count but how many years you spend working on the very thing you are supposed to provide to the people you are leading.  

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