How is Your Life

Yesterday at my Business Network (BNI) meeting during my 30 second presentation I gave the group four adjectives with the hope that at least one would be the answer to a question that I asked them to pose to people they know and care about.  The one word answer to my question that are adjectives are, AWESOME, SPECTACULAR, TREMENDOUS or BLESSED.  By now you may know the question that I asked and if not I am sure you have a few guesses.
This question and the answer people give is important for several reasons.  It shows how a person thinks, it gives an indication of someone’s values and beliefs, it reveals what a person gives time and attention to and it may make someone aware of the kind of people they have in their life supporting and loving them.
So, over the next few days, but only to the people you care about, ask them…” How is your life”.  Then be quiet and listen to what they say.  Parents I encourage you to ask your children this question.  Because parents are busy, working hard making it happen, it is easy to think we know what our kids are feeling when almost 50 % of all teens feel hopeless.  Parents of the high performing student athlete, there is even more of a disconnect sometimes because on the surface the child appears happy, and why shouldn’t they be, they have every gadget, phone, iPad or surface money can buy.  They are loved and admired by everyone from their classmates to the college coach that came to watch them play.  So of course, life is great.  The parents have raised themselves up by the bootstraps and is now living a piece of the “American dream”, which allows for the sons and daughters to have it a little better.  However, there could be more under the surface than, you know, and you want know unless you ask.
I wish I could ask all the people I care about, how is your life, and then offer help and support to those who need it because after all, life should be AWESOME, SPECTACULAR, TREMENDOUS and or BLESSED.
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