Humble and True

In my just released book The 7 Principles of Faith-Based Parenting I write in chapter one why being truthful is the most important principle and how everything else we do with our kids come from that truth, or in some cases that non truth. When we are being truthful, and out of love we have to be truthful, we are showing the love that I know these parents have for their kids. Being honest and truthful with those we love requires a humility that can be hard to own. I recently heard it said: The test of true humility is how people respond to correction. Do we constantly blame our surroundings or others for our situation in life? At one time that may have been the reality, but if we are honest we keep doing things that reinforce our bad decisions. That is why we need others who love us enough to correct us. Breakthrough is never done in isolation; it happens when we are bold enough to let others tell us the truth about our circumstances and ourselves.

Where do you lie on this spectrum? Are you humble enough to listen to someone when they offer you some potential life changing advice? What if the advice is for you to apply to your role as a parent, spouse or child? Sometimes we need to humble ourselves so that we can be open for some self-evaluation and self-improvement.

I received this message today that I thought would be a great way to sum up this blog.

7 steps for overcoming the hold that your ego has on you. Transcend engrained ideas of self-importance   Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

 Personal thoughts added in parentheses.

  • Stop being offended  (this weakens you)
  • Let go of your need to win (you are not competing with love ones)
  • Let go of your need to be right (right or happy make a choice)
  • Let go of your need to be superior (see the unfolding of God in everyone)
  • Let go of your need to have more (it is in giving that we receive)
  • Let go of identifying yourself on the basis of your achievements (take less credit and have gratitude)
  • Let go of your reputation (it resides in others and you have no control over it anyway)



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