I Be Damned 

September 11, 2020 – I Be Damned 

So, there had better be a good damned reason for [war], because even if it is good, it is still damned.” ― Michael Flynn, The January Dancer 


Why am I still shocked, after all, successful white people did it all by themselves? No help from mom, dad, or gramps. The government did not help with free labor, land purchase for pennies, rules allowing only their kind to purchase property, and a tax break for people who do own. And because I did it myself, I don’t want to be told what to do. My freedom is my business, and it means everything to me, facts, and helping my fellow brother be damn.  

So, what if the entire coronavirus was more media hype than necessary?   

But what if the reduction in cases was due to social distancing and wearing a mask? Should you be required to follow the guidelines if you didn’t like the loss of freedom? Others are damned!   

What about a team changes its mascot as they hear about the insensitive nature of their name? Even if you root for that team, do you give them the benefit of the doubt or mock them with a “fascist” name because somewhere America has told you and a group of people like you, you should get what you want because you asked for it?   

If we love people the way Jesus did, we would see people embracing people and their beliefs that do not infringe on me; the person obligates me to give them the benefit of the doubt, hate is damned! 




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