I Guess I am Not Surprised 

“The scary weapon we carry is the very skin we’re in.” ~Ta –Nehisi Coates  

I discovered that someone I highly respected, who carries themselves as a professional, smart, articulate, and sophisticated person, likes and openly supports someone whose character goes beyond the pale. So how does one justify supporting a known racist? How can a person be a lover of people yet help someone who makes fun of the disabled? What would explain forward-thinking, progressive man or women to wear clothing that supports a guy whose slogan and actions take us back to Jim Crow era days where the tactics of police brutality was an everyday thing. Are people in certain professions just pretending to care for minority groups whom they’re supposed to protect and build up when they support the red lighting and gaslighting of that same segment of the population? Worst of all, the people he or she work to lift are the very people who are being put down and kept down by that hate-filled demagogue.    





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