I need a coach

I listened to Mark Jackson the head coach of the Golden State Warriors on the radio several nights ago discussing some of the reasons he believed he was able to enjoy a 17 year career as a player in the NBA and become the coach of an NBA team.  He said it boiled down to having the right coach early in his career.  In our professional careers having the right coach is just as important as an athlete trying to make a career out of his or her sport.  I had some pretty incredible men and women who coached me throughout my life starting in youth sports, to my college athletic years, to supporting my dream of graduating from law school and throughout my professional life helping me achieve success along the way.  Mark Jackson went on to say that the biggest reason for his longevity in the NBA was his early coaches “instilled confidence in him, built him up did not tear or break him down into something that he wasn’t”.  Coaches can play an important role in our lives like coach Jackson discussed.  From my experience with the coaches I had in my life, they help us get to the next level.  We all need a coach, whether that’s in the form of a friend, family member or a Life Coach who can provide the support, instill confidence and pick us up when we fall down.

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