Integrity, Blame & Excuses

April 19, 2019

“When you are no longer the reason why something happens to you, you can easily make excuses.” – Steve Harvey         

Integrity, blame, and excuses are instrumental in our society today, yet subtle to most who struggle with these character flaws. I see it played out all the time from people who have an opinion yet do not have the integrity to back it up. Or those who were going to do A, B or C, but don’t and blame someone else or has every excuse in the book. In this information age, everyone is an expert or at least a click away from getting an expert to agree with them.  But why should we take the time to read an article that you send out with the title of something you yourself don’t even do. This is what I call integrity. Or every conversation is about what you were going to do but why it didn’t get done, playing the blame game or full of excuses. Me, my family and the players I coach we operate with the mantra “do what you are supposed to do, when you’re supposed to do it, not almost, all the way, not most of the time, all of the time”   The funny part is if you are reading this blog, then it is probably not for you😊   

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