It is not by accident

Cinco De Mayo

This week another one of our players from our 14 and under girls’ softball team verbal to the college of her dreams, The University of California, Berkeley. This is our third player from our team that has verbally committed to a Pac 12 school and we have several more who are close, announcements coming in June.

All our coaching staff deserves credit.  For me and coach P we have a pretty good little streak going, in our previous organization, 12 of the 13-players earned division one scholarships, and before that our own daughters received Pac 12 scholarships. What I know from helping these kids get scholarships, including our most recent ones, is that it takes talent, hard work and a confidence that comes from hard work.

Talent is something that we can’t control, but what we don’t have in natural ability we can make up in hard work.  I have seen hard work beat out talent a lot over the past 20 years of coaching and it will continue I am sure.

Hard work is something we do have control over, but what I see a lot is parents and kids getting it twisted.  Hard work includes team practice time, private or one on one coaching lessons with a paid expert, attending clinic’s and camps but it also includes some mindset work.

Time and effort in equal part to the physical skills should be spent on helping our student athletes improve their mindset.  The thing the hundreds of student athletes I have personally helped earn their athletic scholarship have in common is a confidence that they have from deep inside. It is not one of their parent’s desires for them and it’s not one that is easily shattered by a lack of play time from their coaches.

Parent’s help your student figure out what they want by knowing their dreams and goals and then make sure you are doing things to support them, doing things that don’t can happen unintentionally.

We get in life, what we create, we create what we expect, expectation’s manifest into our desired creation. #The100percentlife


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