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Life is a continuous journey. Where you are today is a result of the choices you made yesterday. Where you go from here will be a result of the choices you make today. Especially as parents, we are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating the choices we make for ourselves, which affects the family, but the choices we have to make on behalf of our kids. As young people you are constantly on the move, engaged in basically two forms of travel. The first is place to place. You go from home to school, from class to class, and from class to extracurricular activities. In some occasions, you may go from city to city, state to state or even fly from country to country. You also travel a continuous journey through time – moment to moment, day to day, and year to year.

In most instances, you spend enormous time and effort planning many of the journeys from place to place. Whether it’s a vacation or a class trip, you probably give a great deal of forethought to your date of departure, what clothes to wear, and what you are going to do. While you are making these plans, you become more and more enthusiastic as the departure date draws closer. What might appear to be a complex process is actually relatively simple, and absolutely necessary, if the trip is going to be a successful one.

The second form of travel – the continuous journey through time – is often less well-planned and less-well organized by comparison. Yet, for you, it is the most important journey of all – you will only make it once! To get an idea of your progress so far ask yourself:

* What are you doing now?

* Are you involved in activities that will enhance your present and future success?

* Where do you intend to be one week, one year, or ten years from today?

That may seem so far away, and by nature it is not something we as humans like to do, but it’s not that far out and it is a must. If you want a successful life tomorrow, you have to start creating it today. Your action plan is the foundation on which to build your life, your journey through time.

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