Live The 100Percent Life

I was asked recently, “do you ever get tired of talking about what you do”? My answer to that was an emphatic NO.  Like I explained to my friend who asked the question, when you discover what you were born to do you see life through different lenses.  Before I made my self-discovery, life was terrific from my vantage point.  I had (still have) the beautiful, supportive wife, three super talented, strong daughters, a great well-paying job that I loved, and if you had asked me I would have told you that I wanted for nothing. Especially when you add my supportive extended family, great friends, the house, investment property and the best dog in the world.

But when I discovered my purpose, why I was created I see and experience the world a lot different.  Joy and fulfillment at its highest level is hard to articulate in a way that people can relate to but let me try.  It is like when you look in the eyes of your first born or when you hold your grand baby for the first time.  I call this The 100Percent Life and it is why I have made it my mission to share with people how to experience life at a higher level, and it is why I have come up with a way for everyone to experience this same feeling, to find their purpose.

In some ways, it is harder for people who are like I was to grasp what I am talking about because life as we know it is great, and people who are not there, can identify that they need something else.  But this 100 percent life mindset or paradigm that I am referring to is not about fixing what is broken, it is about taking your life as you know it today, where ever you are, and taking it to a higher level.

So here are a few questions to think about to see if you are experiencing life at a higher, more fulfilled level.

  1. Do you have at least 100 dreams written down?
  2. What goal have you recently accomplished?
  3. How many goals do you plan for the rest of 2017?
  4. How many of your lifelong dreams have come true already?
  5. What have you done recently for someone you don’t know?
  6. What roadblock or obstacle have you recently jumped over?

Living life to its fullest is not only possible, but it ordained by a higher power, regardless of your personal beliefs. We were given life and we were given it abundantly, so live it “100 percent.”



“To live the 100 percent life, we must chase the person we want to be.”

~ La Shawn B. Wells














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