Living her dreams

Today being my oldest daughter’s birthday, I am reminded of what each of my amazingly driven and talented girls are doing, they are chasing the person they want to be.

Although we didn’t do it in a formal way like I am doing it now with my clients and the 9 stages of goal setting or the 100 percent life program that I offer, the three of them were my first clients. The evidence is clear, they attended their dream colleges, got into and are currently doing careers that they talked about doing as early as 6th grade for the two oldest and third grade for my youngest when she declared “I am going to go to Stanford.” The power of dreaming and visualization, setting goals is powerful.

Last week’s post was also about fine tuning the mind, which is exactly what my girls did, when we say or think, I am going to xyz, then we are. The question that started with me and my mom that we passed on to our girls was can you believe in what you can’t see?  Can you get the mind to believe it? Like the good book states, a man/woman is as he thinks.

So, here is the challenge, because we are all capable, are you focused on your dreams? Do you have SMART goals that are based on your dreams? Do you have action steps? Have you envisioned what you want through a vision board?  What are the things that you see every day that you are grateful for?

This is the recipe for living the 100 Percent life.  

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