Living Your Purpose

Living the 100 percent life!

I have a lot of people recently ask me to explain what I do and what is the 100 percent life they hear me talking about all the time.  Several networking colleagues asked this week during our one-to-ones how can they find their purpose.

One of the many things I have learned from the network groups I am in is how to give a thirty-second presentation also known as an “elevator speech”.  So when people ask me, just this week what I do, it was pretty simple:

“Hello, I am La Shawn Wells, Certified Life Coach and Goal Setting expert. I am the Chief Dream Officer of Right Choice Coaching, where we Coach teens and adults to find their purpose, and create the Mindset to live the 100 percent life.

People who live the 100 percent life are happier and more fulfilled than those who are not.  They have a sense of purpose, are aware of their gift, have identified their dreams and are working on achieving their goals.  I am asking for introductions to someone who you know who need help living the 100 percent life.”

Are you living the 100 percent life?

Are you moving in the direction of your dreams and goals?  Do you have a clear sense of your purpose for why you were born?  Are you aware of the gift you were born with?  Do you know where to use your talents and gifts?

My 100 percent life program is about helping people move in the direction of their dreams and goals.

People who are living the 100 percent life look and sound different. They live a life of fulfillment by knowing who they are, identifying what they truly want and creating an action plan to achieve it. Living the 100 percent life means having balance in all areas of life, having a strong believe in the future, and a plan to become the best version of one’s self.  100 percent life people can identify their dreams, are able to affectively goal set using a goal setting process by themselves or with the help of an expert, they have an effective affirmation list to remind them in times of doubt their self-worth, they rely on their own powerful vision board to stay pointed to their destination and they practice the power of gratitude, by acknowledging and even honoring what they have, they open themselves up to have even more.

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