Mindset is a Skill Learned

July 7, 2017

I heard a player from one of the local teams tell one of her coaches “I am scared”, regarding their team playing in their first Showcase style tournament this weekend.  I didn’t hear but I am sure his response was what most coaches would say in that situation, “you shouldn’t be scared”. What most coaches and parents don’t realize is that Mindset or Mental Toughness requires the same work and dedication that learning how to field a ground ball or bunting or any other skill set requires, PRACTICE.

I have a question, what is the thin line between those student athlete’s who live their dreams and goals versus those who never reach there’s if talent and resources were not a factor?  What I have learned first as a highly recruited division one football player, and the over 20 years of coaching, first my own kids and then other high performing student athletes is the same thing all of us coaches see with our naked eye.  Some kids are more predisposed to fielding a ground ball or bunting than other kids.  In the same way, some student athletes are more predisposed to see her first showcase as a positive opportunity as opposed to a negative.   So, you may ask why is this the case?

The athletes who are pre-disposed to being positive, seeing the good in all opportunities, embracing each moment embrace thing they have never experienced.  Those athletes need coaching but not as much or in the same way as the kid who has never bunted but is being asked too for the first time.

When parents and coaches intentionally identify those student athletes who know how too…versus those who don’t, then and only then will their Mindset and Mental Toughness improve.   






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