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A mother who was supposed to be passing out profiles to colleges at our tournaments instead spent the entire time telling the college coaches about her daughter only and how she was the best player on our team.  Parents, if your kid is good enough to play college ball, the coaches will take notice; you do not have to manipulate the situation.  Don’t be a Crazy Ass Parent.

In honor of the Olympics and this weekend’s closing ceremony, I thought this excerpt from my book, Don’t be a Crazy Ass Parent, would make the point I want to share.  The situation with this parent was actually pretty funny when I look back on it.  Here this mom was more than happy to volunteer to be my college liaison, but because she had a kid on the team I was very clear that all I needed her to do was to hand out our team profiles and write down which coaches she had given a profile too.  In between the first and second game a coach from Louisville came to ask me about my star catcher and when was I going to play her.  I asked the college coach what do you mean since I caught my number one catcher in the first game.  The Louisville coach then looks at me and says, my college liaison told her that my best player, not just best catcher was number 26 which happened to be this mom’s daughter.  What made it even Crazier was this player was probably my 13th best player and third best catcher on the team.

What the Olympics can teach us about achieving our dreams and goals is that if we work hard, we can achieve big things and be a world-class athlete.  But if we act like this parent, if we try to manipulate the situation by not working hard or if act like this parent eventually we will get exposed.

One of the things I share with my clients and girls that I coach is that in order to achieve big things in your life you have to have the vision.  All big accomplishments start with an idea, a seed of what you can envision.  Once this is clearly defined and laid out, like these world class athletes, we need desire and dedication.  I am not saying the kid in the excerpt from the book didn’t have these characteristics but because of mom’s manipulation her daughter wasn’t given the opportunity to let her dreams, desire and dedication determine if the college coach liked her or not.

I agree with Jim Rohn who says there is three parts of desire: Dreaming, Vision and Focus.  He says when you really want something, in this case, a gold medal or a softball scholarship you have to imagine it first.  Once you dream, you begin to focus on what you want.  This allows you to have a vision for yourself, your life.  Once we have a clear vision we begin to develop the focus that is necessary to become a champion.

By having a dream with vision and focus we can then develop SMART goals and by using my 9 steps of goal setting you can find your Why, identify your obstacles and the solutions to them, but more importantly, you create an action plan that leads to a world-class life.    





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