One, Two, Three…

March 9, 2018

I have three different subjects that are hitting me in different ways as I write this morning.

First, remaining positive in the face of adversity and hijacking our brain to be confident is a must.  I know some people who frown, cringe or literally get nauseated with all the talk of positivity.  I see them all the time, they go thru the day looking for something to not like, to complain about to tell someone how bad someone else is.

We attract what we think about, we become what we focus on. Develop a mindset of a winner.  Go through life like you already have it. One of the things that are true for negative people, is that they don’t have a sense of who they really are.  They struggle with truth, they talk, and you hear the hypocrisy, when they can’t see it themselves.

Second, watching the busybody parents when I pick my granddaughter up from school (second grade) drives me crazy.  I get it, most are young parents, and this is their first kid, but I promise if you let them get their own bag, allow the teacher to open the door and look out at her kids as they walk off, everything will be ok, and you can bend her ear later.

These same kids will be expecting parents to carry their bags and much more come high school.

Third, chaos, disorder, confusion, bedlam, commotion, pandemonium, disarray, turmoil, madness and a “hot mess’, are all words that perfectly describe my granddaughter’s Catholic Youth Organization (CYO), track practice yesterday.  Don’t get me wrong, these coaches deserve a purple heart and an “A” for effort.

But we know that good does not come from confusion.  A simple practice plan from the head coach shared with his assistant coaches, breaking into six smaller groups allowing the coaches to break off and do their part cuts out the chaos, and half the kids that were in the back of the line will know what’s going on too!

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