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I tell parents all the time that if they are not talking about dreams with their kids, helping them set and achieve their goals someone else is.  It could be their so called friends on the playground or their Facebook and Snap Chat friends.  Either way it is not something parents should allow, parents should be taking the lead in this process as soon as the kid has to opportunity to be influenced by someone else.  I coach parents through three of my coaching processes that support families, parents and students develop dreams and set goals.  They are the ADVance Insight Assessment Tool, the FORMULA and my 9 Steps of Goal Setting.

ADVanced Insights Assessment combines the best of three world-class profiles: The Attribute Index measures how people think and make decisions; the Values Index measures motivational style and drivers, and the DISC Index measures a person’s preferred behavioral style. Together, they create the WHAT, WHY, and HOW of personal assessment. This tool unlocks the key to: WHAT natural talents you possess based on how you think and make decisions. WHY you are motivated to use them based on your motivators and drivers. HOW you prefer to use them based on your preferred behavioral style.

Parents first need to have an understanding of how they parent, why they parent the way that they parent, what does it feel like to be parented by them and a clear understanding of how they define success for their kids.  When parents have the ability to answer these questions they are better prepared start the dream building and goal setting process.  I use a process called the FORMULA to help my parent clients gain insight on these four questions.

The FORMULA helps parents look at and understand their attitudes and behaviors that may be getting in the way and stopping them from reaching their goals. In its short version it looks like A (S+K) + Goals = PBC > IR and V&B 88%B f (c).

The long version asks parents to examine their Attitude, Skills and Knowledge to create Goals, which lead to Positive Behavior Change. This can be done if we understand that our Values and Believes are made up of our early conditioning, which is 88% of our Beliefs and a Function of our Conditioning.

When parents understand that they are a product of their past, and that we all carry our legacy forward unless we address it, they are ready to move to the second life coaching process.

The third way that I help parents support their kids with their dreams and goals is by having them go through my 9 steps of goal setting. My Goal Setting System teaches the family how to be effective and successful goal setters by implementing the 9 steps of SMART goal setting. The key in this process is guiding the parent and kid to where they set a goal based on their why. The why will drive the goal setter to create an action plan with clear steps to help them reach their goal.

We believe that kids are never too young to start learning about dreams and goals. We change families, one person, one dream at a time!






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