Parents and Coaches


I have been spending a lot of time recently exploring the actions of parents, especially in the context of sports that it has left me scratching my head.  As parents, we should be teaching and encouraging our kids to be like a rock thrown in the middle of a pond, and that by our actions we will create a ripple effect for anyone we come in contact with.  That they should “Be the change they hope for”.

Instead, I see too many instances of parents selling their kids out for more playtime and favoritism which leaves the kid vulnerable and exposed to really bad people disguised as coaches.  Outside of parenting, coaching might be the best platform for transforming boys and girls into healthy and thriving men and women. It is incumbent on the parent to partner with and expect, from coaches a partner in helping transform their kid.

Parents have to set high expectations for coaches after all there is not a more flawed measure of a child’s value than sports.  Parents who do not get this or who live vicariously through their children is potentially damaging that kid for the rest of their lives.

Parents who work with the coaches while at the same time holding the coaches accountable to inspire, motivate, mentor, protect, empower all while coaching with empathy, self-understanding, integrity and authenticity will see a healthier player now and in the long run.

Parents like the coaches have to make sense of the way they were parented, understanding themselves and how others influenced them, knowing ultimately it produced insight and empathy for themselves and their kids.  This is how they will positively influence their kid to be the best version of his or her self.


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