Past, Present, Future

My mission is to share ideas and concepts that help people reach their full potential and be more successful.  I do this by helping parents who are interested in learning how to help their kids dreams and goals come true.

What I know for sure is that those people who are living the life they imagine; know and understand where they came from and how the past affects them today.   They have a clear understanding of the present and they have created a road map that is their north star leading them to their own promised land.  To achieve your highest potential, you need complete balance in all three of these areas.  Past, Present and Future.

Today I work with my clients, young people and or their parents by helping them identify a destination of where they want to go and a plan to get there.  This is the process of building a road map – now the road will not always be smooth, you will run into traffic, and experience bumps and detours along the way but by having complete balance you will be able to stay on course.

By having big Dreams, and SMART Goals the road becomes smoother.

Sometimes talking to people about their dreams is difficult because as we age we sometimes lose the imagination that it takes to dream.  Albert Einstein said imagination is everything, it is the preview of life’s coming attraction.  By dreaming, we open up more possibilities and opportunities that are inside of us.

Darren Hardy the editor of Success magazine and a motivational speaker in his own right quotes his mentor Jim Rohn, by stating the single biggest reason for his success is due to his ability to dream.

When I take my clients thru a Dream Exercise it opens up their imagination and allows them to reconnect with things they once dreamed about, but since forgot while encouraging them to imagine things they have always wanted but stopped working on.  Once the dreams are thought out and identified, we get into Goal Setting.  Some of the benefits of having personal goals are:

  1. Goals help you to discover your own personal uniqueness.
  2. Goals help you to overcome negative conditioning by forcing you to concentrate on positive, achievement-oriented areas.
  3. Goals add to the excitement of life.
  4. Goals help you to make better decisions.
  5. Goals help you to live your life the way you want (if you don’t set your goals, someone else will set them for you).
  6. Goals help you to bring out the “best” in you.

What I love most is I teach people my 9 Steps of goal setting.  More than any other personal development skill, the skill set of learning how to set and achieve goals is the most important lesson a parent can help a child learn.  When I think about my own kids, or the hundreds of other kids I have helped, it was not the hitting, pitching or fielding lessons that set them apart from their peers.  It was having the ability to set goals and work towards that goal that set them apart.  When young people have a plan, they can relax and just perform, at a higher level.  A lack of performance is never about knowing what to do, instead it’s about not doing what they know to do all because the roadmap is not clear!










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